May 8, 2010

Video: Supremes Identify Critical Point of Law in Abortion Argument

My comment:  The judges identify the point of law that will break the legalization.  The question is how does one establish personhood?

Video text:
December 17, 2009 — Personhood was widely discussed at the Supreme Court oral arguments for Roe v. Wade.
Note that among other things, the judges state that:
"The basic constitutional question, initially is, whether or not the unborn fetus is a person. That's critical to this case is it not?"
"Could Texas, constitutionally in your view, declare, by statute, that a fetus is a person for all constitutional purposes?"(Chief Justice Burger)
"The state could OBVIOUSLY adopt that kind of statute, and then it would have to be adjudicated." (Pro-abort Attorney, Sarah Weddington)

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