Jun 11, 2010

Microsoft & Apple say no porn on its systems.

Here are edifying news from the industry giants of technology.  Who says that private industry is so greedy that it will disregard morality in seach of that almighty buck?  However, what happens if someone files a suit though claiming that pornography is part of free speech?  Given the ethics and morality shown by our government, I shudder to speculate at what the judgment will be.  I mean, if killing babies is a way to reduce the deficit, what's a little flesh on the screen - specially if they can tax it.  This government does not uplift the people in my opinion.  So, it must be cut down to only what is absolutely necessary.  But going back to Bill and Steve, "Kudos."

Excerpts:  "Following Apple's lead in trying to keep pornography off its iPad and iPhone products, Microsoft has announced a new set of policies for the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace that will not allow porn or sexually suggestive content, reports Thaddeus M. Baklinski, LifeSiteNews.com.
The application certification requirements for Windows Phone 7 program developers states that Microsoft will no longer allow content such as "Images that are sexually suggestive or provocative, Content that generally falls under the category of pornography, or Content that a reasonable person would consider to be adult or borderline adult content."
In February, Apple began blocking "adult" applications and sexually suggestive screen shots from its online stores in response to "numerous complaints from our customers about this type of content."
In May Apple CEO Steve Jobs said his company would not be a party to the pornography industry and hoped that the iPad and iPhone revolution would help create a porn-free world.  Source http://www.christiantelegraph.com/issue10009.html

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