Jun 19, 2010

North Korea Abandons Socialism.

"SEOUL  Bowing to reality, the North Korean government has lifted all restrictions on private markets — a last-resort option for a leadership desperate to prevent its people from starving.
In recent weeks, according to North Korea observers and defector groups with sources in the country, Kim Jong Il’s government admitted its inability to solve the current food shortage and encouraged its people to rely on private markets for the purchase of goods. Though the policy reversal will not alter daily patterns — North Koreans have depended on such markets for more than 15 years — the latest order from Pyongyang abandons a key pillar of a central, planned economy.
With November’s currency revaluation, Kim wiped out his citizens’ personal savings and struck a blow against the private food distribution system sustaining his country. The latest policy switch, though, stands as an acknowledgment that the currency move was a failure and that only capitalist-style trading can prevent widespread famine."
Even though Socialism has already failed in the ex-USSR, Cuba, Europe, Latin America and now North Korea, why does Obama and the Democrats continue to promote it in the USA?
I guess they know that they can keep the scam going for their lifetimes.  And that's all that matters even if it is bound to fail.  They won't be around to suffer the consequences.


Steve Finnell said...

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sarah said...

I am curious as to how you define failure...

Cuba has lower values for maternal and infant mortality and a higher life-expectancy (common indicators for health), higher rates for literacy and school attendance (common indicators for education) and a smaller income disparity (common indicator for economic equity) that the United States.

Not to mention that many countries with social welfare systems (Germany and Canada for example) are doing a fair amount better, economically speaking...

And is it really fair to label an authoritarian state such as North Korea as socialist?

And how do you differentiate the failures of centrally planned agriculture and industry (not inherently a characteristic of socialism but common in eastern bloc socialist states)?

I don't mean this as an attack, I am just curious, how do you define success?

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