Jun 19, 2010

Video: Breakthrough in Case of Illegitimate US Presidency.

If this proves that Obama is not a natural born citizen, then this makes his presidency illegitimate as precluded in the Constitution.  We may be going through a lot of crises but the greatest one is subverting our laws the basis of our identity.  So, this is just as important and we need to follow through to have justice done.  If not, then we just gave up the farm to a sleazy Communist lawyer.

If video fails, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSiz49IWJH0&feature=bzb302

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Subvet said...

I'll agree the reason Obama's people expend so much money stonewalling on this issue needs explanation. Even if it's misdirection it's a cheap trick unworthy of anyone associated with the Oval Office.

But IF (can't make that one big enough) he actually is holding office illegally why was he specifically chosen in the first place?

There are more than enough Communist sympathizing, Socialist oriented, nonwhite, ultraliberal political wannabes born in this nation that could have been groomed in the same way he may have been. Why take a chance with someone so basically unqualified to hold office?

I've a feeling that once we open up this puzzle we'll only find more riddles inside of it.

But no matter what, there ARE explanations needed for the stonewalling on the matter of his birth AND other areas. For whatever the ultimate reason, the lack of transparency demands answers.

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