Jul 14, 2010

Archbishop calls for civil disobedience to protest abortion; Manhattan Declaration?

(From Fr. Z)  CNA Reports: " Archbishop Francisco Gil Hellin warned this week there is no right to kill an innocent human being and therefore no obligation to obey to the new law on abortion. Rather, “direct opposition without distinction” must be mounted, he said.

“Let’s be clear: this law is not a law, although it is presented as such by some politicians and lawmakers. It is no law because nobody has the right to take the life of an innocent human being. For this reason it is not obligatory. Moreover, it demands direct opposition without distinction,” the archbishop said in a letter.

He underscored that reason cannot recognize abortion as a right because it constitutes the killing “of a person who is not guilty.” “The right of a person to exist who has already been conceived, although not yet born, is not a belief stemming from any religion. One does not need to be a believer to hold that an innocent person has the right to be defended and respected in his or her integrity. Common sense dictates that one cannot take a human life in order to solve another problem or to “get money or votes,” he said. ... "

But this was in Burgos, Spain.  Today, the Obama administration approves the use of tax monies to fund abortions under Obamacare - contrary to the president's signed commitment.  I've read that the signers of the Manhattan Declaration were ready to engage in civil disobedience too to protest the use of their tax payments for abortion.  But I haven't heard any activities towards this end.  Also, the USCCB has not issued any calls to do the same.

Courage comes from the word cour that means heart - a symbol of love.  Could it be that this Spanish bishop loves the unborn and God more than anyone in the USCCB?  Fortitude comes from fortis meaning strength.  Perhaps, this Spaniard works out in the spiritual gym more or maybe the bishops here need to eat more chili and watch matadors face off with the toros.  Or maybe they just need to pray more, just as I need to pray for them.

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