Jul 11, 2010

Video: Getting close to God by eating to live and not living to eat.

I used to say casually that I have one vice and that is enjoying food too much.  It sounded harmless enough compared to others but then it is still a sin.  Now that sin has caught up with me as I became a diabetic.

If you also think the same way, then check out this article.
Excerpts:  " Gluttony seeks after immediate gratification, pleasure and comfort with little regard for the needs of others.  Eating more than you want or need just to prevent others from getting your share would also be gluttony.  This deadly sin leads to an unbalanced, addictive and materialistic existence that excludes God.... An aid in overcoming gluttony is periodic fasting – of two small meals and one regular-sized meal with no snacks in between (as the Church recommends).  Abstinence of meat, a favorite food or even eating something I don’t like (like brussel sprouts) is also recommended in mastering gluttony.  It is not necessary to eliminate pleasurable things but only to limit them. "

Video:  How someone overcame her habit of over eating.  Practical tips.

The spiritual aspect:  the sin of gluttony


Subvet said...

Sorry to hear about your diabetes, from other acquaintances who had it I know it's not a walk in the park to live with.

I'll keep you in my prayers.

Rick said...

Thank you sir.

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