Sep 7, 2010

Quid pro quo: trophies in the fields of blood and burning the book of terrorists

Burning the Q'uran is as offensive as building the trophy mosque at ground Zero & the trophy Crescent at PA. So at least, Muslims have an idea of how we feel. So, if they want to mark the fields of blood with their trophies, then they should be prepared to watch how others will mark their opposition to Islamic terrorism. Now I ask, why does Obama oppose the right to burn the Q'uran but support the right to build the mosque?

BTW, turning the other cheek does not mean becoming a doormat of terrorists.
Jesus did not turn the other cheek.  The meaning of the teaching is in contrast with the eye for an eye teaching on retribution.  Christians don't stew in hatred until we have exacted revenge.  But we don't walk around with a kick me sign taped on the backs and love it when other actually give us a quick swift one.

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