Sep 30, 2010

Video: On-going apparitions of our Lady at Malta?

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"Borġ in-Nadur apparitions are a series of perceived manifestations of the Virgin Mary by Angelik Caruana, a Birżebbuġa resident. Angelik Caruana has reported the reception of messages from Our Lady since December 2005. The apparitions began taking place at his house and then in January 2006 most of the apparitions began to occur at 'Borġ in-Nadur Hill' where, Our Lady asked him that she wanted to become known world-wide under the title of "Our Lady of Borġ in-Nadur". Angelik describes the apparition as communicating in Maltese, and members of the prayer group that has been formed circulate her messages through newsletters, emails and the official website.[1] Some of the people that gather on the 'Borġ in-Nadur Hill' have also videod Angelik Caruana during his vision and put the videos on YouTube. Angelik has described many messages dealing with the need for spiritual conversion and its relation to physical health.

The case has been reported to the bishop of Malta who has reported the case to the Vatican.[2] The Catholic Church has made no response to the case." from Wiki

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Video description:
Angelik, is a visionary and stigmatist from a small island called Malta who since 21st April 2006 has been seeing the Mother of God to whom she gives her messages. Angelik also suffers the pain of the stigmata. This Video shows how everything started when a statue of the Immaculate Conception wept tears of blood in his house on 23rd January 2006.

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