Sep 30, 2010

Obamacare planned rationing of care for seniors reconfirmed by Democrat Congressional candidate

As Warner Todd Huston of Right Wing News writes:  "Democrat Gary McDowell is running to replace Bart Stupak (D, MI) in Michigan's First District and while he may be hoping he might get the votes of seniors coming to the end of their time here on this mortal coil, he sure seems reticent to give them the medical care they'll need to be around much longer after the election!  At a campaign appearance, McDowell agreed with those Obamacare supporters that think giving lifesaving medical care to seniors at end of life is a "resource" that needs to be rationed.  McDowell even makes a joke of the issue by saying that those that say end-of-life care should be rationed must be "from a safe district" because the "inconvenient truth" as he sees it is a tough pill to swallow. " 

The callousness and total disregard of life is appalling and incredible.  But watch for yourself and see how low these people are.

H/T Creative Minority Report

This position is most unethical considering that the human person is more than matter and more than the economic values of his contributions or lack thereof. Furthermore, this position is most unChristian that considers God to be the author and owner of life that not even the person himself has the right to take his life - because it is really not his own. And if the person himself cannot end his life, the government has definitely no say in this matter.  Furthermore, in Christian spirituality, even suffering has value. So those with terminal illnesses contribute more to the spiritual upliftment of the human community by uniting their pain with the sacrifice of the incarnate Son of God. 

BTW, Sarah Palin was not nuts when she warned us about "death panels";  she was telling the truth and the voices of darkness have been villifying and ridiculing her ever since.

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