Jul 1, 2011

Nigeria: Muslim Youth Attack and Burn Church During Service, Dozens of Christians Injured

For source, click here or go to  http://midnightwatcher.wordpress.com/2011/06/29/nigeria-muslim-youth-attack-and-burn-church-during-service-dozens-of-christians-injured/

“A Nigerian church, the Universal Kingdom of God’s Church , Yoff road Dakar, Senegal, was Sunday, attacked by suspected Muslim youths in the area.
The church was burnt down by the rampaging youths while its more than two dozens members, all Nigerians , who were at a worship service during the attack were severely injured.
The victims are at present receiving medical attention at Philips Health Centre Manguillene Senghor.
The pastor of the church, Rev. Roland, said that, ‘it was around 10:00hrs during service that people armed with sticks and clubs broke into the church. And without any explanation, they attacked the faithfuls, they snatched mobile phones, before setting fire to the place of worship.’” Read more.

My response:  burning a few pages of the Muslim sacred texts.

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