Oct 20, 2011

Mother beats toddler to death for lipstick ... with even more tragic twist afterwards.

This has been circulating in FB about a toddler who told her mother: “Mom, I painted the sheets with lipstick, ” outraged mother struck the child unconscious.  Then she apologized for what she had done and asked the child to open her eyes but it was too late. Her little heart had stopped. Bedroom sheets read…  “Mom, I love you.” ( It is dramatic but it may not be true.)

The comment below identifies the picture of someone who was mauled by a dog - not killed by her mom.  I kept the post to inform the readers about it just in case they knew the child.


Monica D. said...

This story actually isn't true. There is no record or evidence that this actually happened. However I can tell you that the picture you have posted here is of a two year old girl named Jade Wardle who's family dog mauled her in 2002 (thankfully she survived the attack). You can read the article here: http://news.sky.com/home/article/12133930

I find it extremely disturbing that people feel that it is necessary to make up such a horrific story, when there are so many very real abusive situations children face every day.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's right to make up a story about such a delicate subject unless you're writing a book. However, I read that story on facebook & it absolutely had me in tears. It might not be true, but think of how many people that need to read something that horrific to get their wake-up call? I'm so happy to hear this story isn't true! What's depressing is that some people have such an inhumane cruelty that I wouldn't put it past them to do something like this. It's just sad.

tamyra said...

It could totally be a true stpry here in Fl. Children get killed for less here! "(

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