Dec 23, 2011

Even if he had won by cheating, the inauguration made it right. (9th Circuit Court of Appeals)

excerpt: The judges on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals have ruled that election fraud suspected in the 2008 presidential campaign essentially was canceled by the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Read more: Election fraud? Sorry, vote's over

My comment: How many times have we seen sports commissions take back medals because the winners violated the rules e.g. took steroids? It appears that there is more integrity in that field that there is in the highest office of the land in the USA. The court has rewarded cheating and has set a dangerous and immoral precedent i.e. if you can win then it does not matter how you won; you're covered. The question is: do we support this travesty of justice and corruption in our government?

If not, then go to this site ,, sign up for the email, look up your state, find out how you can HELP. Election and Ballot Access Law varies in each state. This issue MUST be addressed on the STATE LEVEL.

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