Dec 23, 2011

In Europe, Christmas without Christ - a carol

If video fails, click here or go to

In post Christian Europe, Christmas takes on a sordid turn. Watch to appreciate what we still have.

Siobhan: "Here's a question for you: when Islam moves in to fill the void in Europe, is the problem Islam, or the void?"

Europe is like the prodigal son who leaves the safety of his father's house and gets exposed to the real world or the "void" and goes to NYC for a quick buck. Islam is like the pimp waiting at the bus stop to exploit the hungry and homeless runaway. The pimp takes over the runaway's life by hooking him on drugs and making him a sex slave to earn his food and keep - just like Islam when it enslaves it's adherents and imprisons them under threat of murder. Islam is the devil in disguise - much worse than emptiness.

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