Sep 27, 2012

Fight for America's Soul.

Breaking news! SBA List has launched a week long TV campaign in Ohio with our ad featuring abortion survivor Melissa Ohden as well as this new one about what it really means to be radical on abortion.

If it feels like 1984 in real life, it should. The threats to our religious liberty and conscience rights are very real. The question that needs to be asked of this president is "who decides"? Time and time again, President Obama has affirmed that it is the government who decides -- government who decides what women want and think.

President Obama and his allies in Congress and the abortion lobby must stop the "War on Women" who don't agree with them! 

It's President Obama's job to protect the freedom of all women and men to practice their beliefs. Yet, an all-out assault has been launched by this administration on people of faith and conscience. Our rights are at stake and we must do something to stop it now. We must expose him! 

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