Sep 27, 2012

Netanyahu Red Line at the United Nations

Facts from public reports online.

Red line means that stage will not be allowed to be reached by all means.  To do so, is to risk the annihilation of Israel.  The current regime in Iran has stated that intent time and time again.  Unlike other people, the Israelis know how it is to be hunted and killed as a people.  They shall allow this to happen.

On a related note:

from Jolene Dornbusch
Will Charles prediction come true? Since the prediction, the Mideast is burning, embassies are attacked. The prime minister of I
srael has been snubbed in his request for a meeting with Obama and now the Iranians seem emboldened by the weak ...Obama response to the Mideast unrest, the blaming of a movie and apology videos by Hillary and Obama over a little seen movie. The nuclear threat now looms over Israel with little prospect of a peaceful solution. That threat is like having Virginia and New York at odds with the threat Virginia goes nuclear. How would New York feel?
Now this antidotal info coming out of Israel during their religious holiday.
"Americans who have lived in Israel for years are sending their families back to the states.
Military equipment is staging on the borders with armored columns moving to the Sinai.
Soldiers have been seen praying in mass with many going to the Wailing Wall.
Anti aircraft missile batteries have been deployed to protective positions."
This ended the note.
"Israel has been asking Obama to come to Israel immediately, the survival of their nation is at stake and they are being answered with silence."
As Charles said last week in his assessment of Obama:
"His objective between now and November is that nothing happens in the world, as if he can stop it, ignore the Middle East, ignore the Iranian problem, ignore the debt ceiling and the cliff. Ignore everything so that you can get over the finish line and then expect the world to respond to us."
So is Obama just a friend or a true friend? Probably neither and this will leave our policy adrift when are friends need us. A bad situation.

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