Nov 20, 2012

No cease fire. US sends ships to pull out Americans - including military?

During an interview with a Hamas spokesman, it has become painfully clear that the organization is not willing to accept a 2 state solution.  For them, Israel must withdraw and the "Palestinians" will rule all the land.  It is no secret what their concept of Palestine is.  Just look at their web sites.  For them, there is no Israel and the withdrawal they seek is surrender.

With that, Israel needs to consider if the Gaza is just a gambit to give Egypt and excuse to jump into the fray if Israel goes in.  And the puppeteer who armed Hamas, Iran, may have wanted this to happen to divert Israel.

Most Israelis would rather have Israel finish the job and sack Hamas with a fatal blow than be faced with another salvo of missiles a month from now.  The enemy has realized the limits of the Iron Dome and will simply fire off more than a dozen missiles at a time.  PM Natenyahu is decisive in doing what it takes.

But now Hamas needs to regroup and prepare for the next more fatal attacks.  And the UN, Obama and the media are unwittingly buying time for them.  There is nothing that the US or Egypt can do to stop Hamas for good.  And the US knows that Israel knows so, Obama has sent ships to evacuate American out of Israel.  Is he going to pull out the marines there if Israel does not stand down.

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