Nov 20, 2012

CNN reports on family killed at Gaza from the Israeli missile strikes

But CNN always neglects to report on the location of the Hamas launch sites and other military targets in the vicinity.

CNN also omits the measures that Israel has taken to warn the residents even by calling them up prior to striking a building.

And CNN never reported on the leaflets dropped by Israel advising residents to stay clear of Hamas sites.

Finally, CNN never featured the dummy missiles that Israel sends to create such a blast to scare any remaining residents prior to sending the truly lethal ones.

CNN is the most compromised if not deliberately deceptive media of all time.  Rather than report the news, it creates the news by spouting propaganda and forming popular opinion to support a view.  It ceased to be an objective and impartial observer that serves by informing the public.  Rather it now offers a disservice by misinforming the world.  It is truly contemptible and criminal in what it does.

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