Dec 18, 2012

CNN coverage of Benghazi & Fort Hood victims vs. CT kids

We have TV sets all over the work place and they are all tuned to CNN.  It is making me sick to see how this network is exploiting the tragedy by covering the burial and each and every child killed in CT rampage.

I say the coverage is disproportionate because I never saw a single burial of those murdered in Benghazi, Fort Hood or Fast and Furious from CNN.  I wonder if it was even covered in passing.

But I am not surprised because CNN is Obama's propaganda outlet.  And Obama is milking this tragedy to advance his anti-gun agenda.  The tragedies at Benghazi, Fort Hood and Fast and Furious does not prop up Obama's agenda.  On the contrary, it exposes his failures and even crimes.  Hence the difference in treatment.

In a word - revolting.

More on Ft. Hood and Obama.

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