Dec 18, 2012

Other tragedies waiting to strike.

Yesterday, it was a shooter at CT.

Tomorrow, it can be cyanide mixed in a batch of oatmeal served in an old folk's home.

The week after that, it can be carbon monoxide pumped in the prison buildings while the inmates sleep.

Weeks after, it can be a tunnel or bridge caving in bringing hundreds into a watery grave because of well placed explosives.

A month after that, it can be a pipe bomb hurled at Times Square as the ball goes down.

A year after that, it can be a little and crude dirty bomb sprinkling radioactive ashes from a church steeple and spreading destruction and death to thousands.

It can be anything as long as wickedness or illness grip the hearts and minds of people.  Obama and the Liberals should look more deeply at the cause and not leverage and exploit a tragedy to promote an anti-gun culture that is un-American. 

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