Jun 17, 2010

Fr. James Martin & Fr. Thomas Doyle smears Bishop Olmstead for Excommunicated Pro-Abort

False or rebellious Catholics from the National Catholic Reporter and the Jesuit website America launches a smear campaigns against Bishop Olmstead.  Fr. Doyle twists facts and ignores crux of problem while  Fr. James Martin perverts the truth about the abortion.  Watch more for details and support the faithful bishop against these traitors and deceivers.  If video fails, go to http://en.gloria.tv/?media=83158

Sr. Margaret McBride, who was the head of the ethics committee for St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, personally authorized the abortion of an 11-week pre-term baby. This act incurred automatic excommunication, but the response from dissident "Catholic" media outlets was to attack the innocent instead of the guilty.

Sign the petition at http://www.supportolmsted.com

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