Sep 29, 2010

Survey: Americans don't know religion - even their own.

by Steve Breen

An article from the NYT states that "Americans are by all measures a deeply religious people, but they are also deeply ignorant about religion."  Read details at 

In the case of this Pro-Choice Catholic, this confusion is caused primarily by clerics and religious who confuse Catholics by their actions or lack of fidelity to the church's teachings e.g. Cardinal O'Malley presided over the funeral Mass of Ted Kennedy,  the most pro-abortion politician in the country.  Sister Carol Keehan endorsed Obamacare that funds abortions with tax monies.  And Notre Dame awarded Obama with an honorary degree in law despite his rabid support in denying the unborn their most basic God given right to live.  And there's that crazy nun who escorts women in an abortion butcher shop.  Bishops still allow pro-abortion politicians to receive Holy Communion despite the explicit prohibition in Canon law.  The list sadly goes on and on. 

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Subvet said...

I admit to not "getting" how someone can be prochoice and call themselves Catholic. Five minutes of reading the Catechism should clear up any gray areas. IMO too many folks in the Church want their cake and get to eat it too. They don't understand that "NO" means exactly that and exceptions or mitigating circumstances don't exist.

Somewhere along the line they forgot that God alone rules His Kingdom, no committees are involved.

Rick said...

@Subvet: Some of these so called theologians lack the basic prerequisites of studying the sacred sciences i.e. faith & humility. They see developments in dogma and morals as well as events in Church history and decide that they too can take an unpopular or a non-compliant position - just because. Despite all their instruction, they haven't learned a thing.

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