Sep 21, 2010

Video: What the American people said, what they got and what happened next.

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All across America, people are looking to Congress and the White House and asking the same question: "Is anybody listening?"

The American people said "No" to wasteful government spending.

What did we get? An $800 billion stimulus bill.

What were the results? 3.3 million private sector jobs were lost.

The American people said "No" to a government-takeover of health care.

What did we get? A trillion-dollar takeover of America's health care system.

What have been the results? Right now, 1.6 million jobs are at risk because of government-imposed mandates.

The American people said "No" to more government bailouts.

What did we get? A $50 billion bailout of Greece and the European Union.

What have been the results? We're about to find out.

Republicans in Congress are listening to the people.

We are saying "No" to wasteful spending.

We are saying "Repeal and Replace" the Obama health care bill, and we are saying "Never Again" to more Wall Street bailouts.

President Obama and Speaker Pelosi are taking American in the wrong direction.

By listening to the people, we can get American moving in the right direction.

To renew the American Dream, we need new ideas and common sense.

There is nothing wrong with the American government that can't be cured by the wisdom of the American people.

And if we empower the people -- and reduce the power of Government -- America's best days will be ahead of us.

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