Sep 28, 2012

FB post that got me tracked up to my workplace

I can't afford to be afraid because I am fighting for the future of my children and their souls. My Facebook activism must have caught attention because I have been tracked down at my workplace with the thinly veiled threat.

My FB account is tied to an email that I use for junk e.g. promos. Then, I got notice that I need another email for my email account as backup. So, I put in a second email  account that I thought had no revealing info. I forgot that I forwarded some emails from my work account there. No sooner than a day has passed when a Facebook email reached my work email with an invitation with all my relatives in the list even if they had different names.  Now my work email has never been disclosed to FB or my Gmail accounts;  the only link was an email that I forwarded to one of my Gmail accounts..

So, I don't know if I am dealing with the NSA or just some hackers hired by the opposition. But it scared me. I did take the post down.  It was about going after Obama for his crimes even after he is no longer president.  I figure that was just my opinion.

But I shall continue to post the atrocities of muslims and the continuing genocide against the unborn as well as other factual abuses anywhere regardless of who does it.  If I get intimidated, then others may lose heart too and we all lose.  As long as what I state is true then I will not be afraid.  

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