Nov 4, 2012

Defeatism in Maryland?

My pastor talked about being about to do only so much in Maryland as though to concede to the Liberal majority. At first it discouraged and angered me that I thought of moving to VA sometime because I cannot stomach the filth and decadence of Liberalism. But then I thought why the defeatist attitude? The demographics though heavily black does not mean an automatic endorsement of the Democrats. From what I have been hearing and seeing, black folks - the decent hardworking ones are disgusted by Obama's immoral ways and policies. They may find it hard to vote for the white man but they will sit this one out. I did not succumb to defeatism and voted for Romney - last week. Hopefully, Tues. will prove my pastor wrong and show that even states dominated by minorities can do the right thing. The free loaders and scum that Obama appeals to are hopefully not that many. Even union members have consciences and vote against their orders. At this time, I take time to pray for our country and the defeat of Obama. I have a feeling that God will hear our prayers and send these depraved people away. Hopefully they repent before they burn in hell like Ted Kennedy.

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