May 13, 2013

Pope confirms eternal bliss for Christians murdered by Islamists. Murderers condemned to eternal damnation.

"Pope Francis has proclaimed his first Roman Catholic saints, including hundreds of Italians who were beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam in the 15th century....The newly-canonized Italian saints known as Antonio Primaldo and his Companions were massacred in 1480, when Ottoman Turks invaded the southern Italian town of Otranto in 1480 and demanded that its Christian inhabitants convert to Islam. When the inhabitants refused, the invaders beheaded a group of about 800 men and boys, who became revered by Catholics as the Otranto Martyrs."

Murder is a serious wrong doing that is punished with eternal damnation.  Nothing new here but just in case an Islamist reads this, then he still has time to change.

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