Nov 1, 2010

The Church that hosts the seat of national political power is silent about voting Catholic

I may be wrong, so please correct me if you find some facts to the contrary.  But last Sun., I heard nothing about voting Catholic from the homily.  I would bet that none of the parishes in the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. preached about it either.

And if the archiocesan website is any indication, then we have tons of stories about how Archbishop Wuerl is going be made, sounds like the mob huh "made", made cardinal that is.  But if he will continue to be mum about the pro-abortion Democrats, then he might as well be with the mob as there is no difference with their lack of respect for life.

But don't take my word for it, here's the link  Let me know, if there is a smidgen of direction on how to vote or how to be a Catholic is the public square.  I may have just missed it.  (Now yes, the vestments of the cardinal are nice.  Whoo-pee-doo.  Will he get the shoes from Mephistopheles?  But I digressed.)

The archdiocese is in a town of Democrats.  So, are they just trying to be nice to Democrats to save their souls i.e. this silence or political correctness is a pastoral approach.  But what if being a Democrat is being anti-Catholic?  Their platform is solidly pro-choice which is a euphemism for pro-abortion. 

So what happens is that people get a perception that it is morally responsible to vote for Democrats because, the Church is silent - disgustingly and traitorously silent if you ask me.

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