Dec 1, 2010

Gift idea for the pro-life activist on your list

Phone, meet probe: An image of a fetus at 23 weeks is displayed on Mobisante’s phone-based ultrasound device. The probe connects to the device through a USB port. Credit: Mobisante
Click here for more details.  (H/T to CMR)


K. Töpfer (aka Martial Artist) said...

If you posted a question as "rakesvines" on a thread at WDTPRS in re putting a quotation in a yellow box, contact me at (khtoepfer [at] msn [dot] com). I submitted an answering post, but I suspect that Fr. Z deleted it as "Off-Topic."

Pax et bonum,
Martial Artist (Keith Töpfer)

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

A better gift for that activist is to become a pro-life activist yourself.

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