Feb 8, 2009

Making & becoming a saint by frequent Confessions.

St. John Bosco's method of going to Confessions frequently has produced 29 official saints.  So, I decided to make it a family routine to go every Saturday.  My nine year old has become more docile and my wife more collaborative.  One can go even if one has no grave sins.  It is beneficial because of the grace that the sacrament provides.

From a parenting aspect, it makes it easier because the children are now conscious about obeying God's laws.  St. John Bosco said, "Our words become God's words."  And the kids will be trained to do good all the time whether others see them or not because God always sees them.

It was also hard to start.  The kids were saying how boring it will be & the wife is wondering why I needed to go.  But after the first time, I got my wife to support it and my kids don't find it that bad. And why would it be that bad, God is there.

Frequent confession is a technique given by God to St. John Bosco through visions.  It was a revolutionary idea back in the 19th century but as history shows, it works.

(Picture:  Saturday night family event - Confessions )

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