Dec 20, 2009

Blog: Snowstorm stories from the burbs of DC

A snowstorm struck the burbs of DC. So, my weekend was spent clearing the walkways. It is being neighborly and also avoiding fines and lawsuits. I took the incremental approach instead of doing it at the end. My spot gets more snow because the trucks keep pushing it on the sidewalk, so a 2-feet precipitation easily turned into 5 ft. I had to pace myself since I am not fit; one can get a heart attack from the exertion. So, I work an hour and then rest. It was messy and tiresome getting in and out of the snow and putting on layers of clothing. My wife fixed some cocoa which ran out quickly. Then she made soup and that went by fast. Finally, she made chocolate and rice mix that also became a favorite. My youngest son, 7, grades her cooking and gives her 10s. I wonder what would happen if he gives her a 2 or 1.

Last night as I was clearing the sidewalk, a Latino came up and asked to borrow my snow blower. I asked,”What’s up?” but we can’t communicate. He said something about friends freezing and I responded, “Call 911.” Then he called someone who explained how a group of them were stuck and needed to go to a better place. So I went along; he dragged my tool for a block. Around the turn, I saw a group working on an SUV that was spinning its wheels. They were 5 young Latinos. A couple of neighbors turned out with shovels. I let the guy use my blower as I myself was out of breath. We ended up digging an entire block by sections. The SUV would run then get stuck. Then we’d dig again until he reached the main road. He told me he had no “dinero” (that much I understand) for using my tool. I said it’s OK. He expressed his thanks. I asked if he can drop me off because it was still a long walk for me with the snow blower. Apparently he did not understand. But an Anglo neighbor volunteered her son, Matt, to help me. He was huge and tall so he pushed and pulled that blower until we reached home.

Although it did not turn up to be a poor family on the verge of freezing, if you went out there with that intent, then God will bless you as though you actually saved the holy family. That’s the great thing of doing things for God.

On the side, I took some anti-freeze, Stolich Vodka, and tiny fish to keep me warm. I understand now that in certain occasions drinking is not vicious. So, it is really hard to condemn others; if one wants to judge then one should walk a mile in their boots first.

The archdiocese send a message over the radio that people were excused from Sunday Mass if the roads were bad.  And the schoolds did the same for tomorrow.  Hopefully, I can work from home.

Video: Communism vs. Religion (from Europa Europa)

BTW, they actually use the pray for the candies routine in Cuba.

Let us cherish and enjoy our religious freedoms this Christmas season while we still have them.

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Video: Choosing a Spiritual Director

To the Catholic politicians specially:

Here's a quick video of what to look for in a good spiritual director.  First of all, do not get a yes man;  otherwise, you will not grow in the spiritual life or may even be misled.


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