Mar 5, 2012

A long shot is still a shot to stop Obama.

If Obama is a fraud, then everything rolls back.  Looks like these criminal investigators and lawyers are on to something.  So, better late than never.

Can you say, "President Boehner?" Don't laugh. If Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has his way, there will soon be an arrest made of a "person of interest" who created a fraudulent birth certificate and Selective Service card bearing the name of Barack Obama.
Responding to the results of Sheriff Joe's "Cold Case Posse" investigation that were released on March 1, 2012 is political and economic analyst Steve Beaman, a number crunching genius who sold one of his companies to Charles Schwab for millions of dollars. But bluntly, Analyst Beaman says were are looking at the possibility of nothing short of the biggest scandal in the history of The United States of America. According to Steve, if it is determined that Barack Obama was not an eligible candidate for President, that determination would not only nullify Obama but Biden also, and making House Speaker John Boehner the acting President of the United States until a new President is selected in November. 
But wait, there's more. Not only would Obama be gone, but every administrative and military action he took would be nullified. The far reaching impact of such an undertaking is staggering and nearly beyond our imagination.
Video producers: Josh Wade, Dylan Wade and Iris Fejdesz. Narration by Carl Gallups. Based largely from articles published by

Bishops will choose prison and even death rather than to offer incense to the altar of sluts and butchers

Someone correct me if I am wrong and I shall take this post down faster than you can say, "And with your spirit."  But I am confident that the bishops would rather go to jail than tell their churches and hospitals to bow down and offer monies to the altar of sluts and butchers by funding contraceptives and abortifacients. 
I would love to see Obama have them arrested because the entire country, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and non-Christians for that matter will gladly go to jail with them.

It is coming to this and I hope it comes soon enough.  Cfr. article from Time

Conference at Harvard denies Jewish people of legal basis for existence.

Anti-Israel activists who have gathered this weekend at Harvard University's "One State Conference" were told yesterday that the Jewish people do not exist.  Prof. Susan M. Akram of Boston University's School of Law told the gathering that there is no legal basis for Jewish self-determination--at all:  More here:

Comment:  Muslim oil money can buy information or disinformation.  No surprise here.  What is astounding is how Harvard has turned into a whore.  Here is a post about that legal aspect of Jewish rights or go to  Also search on Legal, Israel, Jewish in my blog and find 20+ more posts about it. 

Under Siege? Spain Resists Islamic 'Invasion' -

The Koran instructs Muslims to conquer the whole world for Islam. It happened 1,300 years ago in Spain -- and some say it's happening again... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN

Muslims harass Christian services with massive sound system (video)

Article here

excerpt:  In a country that proudly boasts Unity of Diversity on its coat of arms, all citizens have the same duties and are granted the same rights without discrimination. For Christians in Bekasi, East of Jakarta, however, the slogan is an empty pledge as they are forced to face endless attacks and protests from local residents embracing the majority religion, over their religious activities and attempts to build a church. The Jakarta Post’s Hasyim Widhiarto tries to dig deeper into the matter and expands on it in this report.

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