Apr 24, 2010

Video:Paul Ryan: Obama Leading America On "Dangerous Path" To Welfare State

Paul Ryan: Obama Leading America On "Dangerous Path" To Welfare State

Rep. Paul Ryan tells Newsmax that America is at a “tipping point” and could be headed down a “very dangerous” path toward a social welfare state.  But it does not have to go there because there are alternatives.  Unfortunately, the alternatives are not aligned to the Socialistic ideology of Obama.  So, as they said, "When the people voted for Obama, they signed up for Socialism."  Is that really true because the majority of the people are making their opposition known.  So, it is obvious that the people do not like Socialism.  But the Democrats do and since they can change the country, they are going to do so whether the people likes it or not.   So, what are you going to do about it?


Video: This shall not never happen again - ever. We will not forget.

The American people have been abused and betrayed by their trusted officials.  But the people patiently await the proper and peaceful way to effect change through the existing electoral processes.  However, the incumbents continue to ram unjust laws without shame or guilt.  It is as though they have a plan to stay in power no matter what.  That remains to be seen because we the people will not forget!  We shall remember!


We Will Remember from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.
H/T Creative Minority Report

Health Care Music Video

Awesome, entertaining music video on the healthcare scam.

Video: Obama Admits Blogs Foil His Efforts

Despite the immense fundings of the astroturfs and the MSM propaganda machine, the humble blogs of the people have identified the lies and the fallacies of the regime.  It has informed the nation of the damages that is being inflicted on the republic consequently more and more have become involved to resist the deterioration.


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