Jan 22, 2012

Newt, Romney, Santorum & Paul

Newt may have sinned but, he's repented unlike the phonies 
who are taking and living lies. 

Romney is the Liberal favorite because he's a strawman ready to be kicked and burned as the poster boy of the rich in Obama's fake class struggle. 

Santorum may not be as bright and shiny as Newt but, that's 
what advisers are for. 

Ron Paul would let the Nazis and Muslims murder others and 
keep the US away;   for what -  the economy? There are 
more important things than money.

Ron Paul on homosexual marriage vis-a-vis Card. Burke's & the Catholic teaching

This is the Catholic Church's position re: homosexual unions.

I don't want to put words in Ron Paul's mouth, so I leave it up to you to verify what his position is.  It does not comply with the Church's teaching.

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