Oct 12, 2009

Video: The Woman at the Well

Hear her out.

source: http://www.tangle.com/view_video?viewkey=46e6e8ca98b9123f2249


A familiar Gospel account finds Jesus traveling through the region of Samaria when He encounters a woman alone at the local well. After He asks for a drink of water, she is surprised as He reveals what He knows about her life: she has married five times and is not married to the man with whom she is now living.

Having heard this story for years, I just assumed she was a prostitute. As it turns out, I may have judged her without knowing all the facts.

One scholar suggests it is unlikely she is a prostitute, but more likely that she is barren—she cannot have children. This may explain why she has been married so many times. She gets married, cannot bear children and the husband divorces her.

Thus, she goes to the well alone because of the stigma this places on her. People would gossip about her and even tell her she is “not in favor with God.” Ouch!

Fortunately, Jesus does not see her as we do. He sees her as a woman scarred by her past, a woman who has lost hope. He approaches her with compassion rather than contempt.

Now that’s an example for all of us.

John 4:17

Commentary from http://www.thejourneysproject.com/image-detail.aspx?id=311

Kids at Mass, Catholic Pols & Judges, Halloween Prep, Father Daughter night, Stewardship Sun.

Kids at Mass.
I have a 10, 8, 7 & 2 year old. For those who have kids, then they know that it is nearly impossible to pray at Mass  when the whole family is around. I usually end up hurmoring one in the common area. So we are now going to Mass by groups. The wife takes the boys; I take the girl and the baby stays at home. It works. The kids are so well behaved that we don't stay at the "cry room" anymore. It's not a perfect solution but it's good enough.

Halloween Prep.
This afternoon, my wife and kids decorated the front of the house and lawn for Halloween with plastic jack-o-lanterns and a witch Japanese kite. They had fun although I am not so hot about Halloween, since it is a Pagan celebration. We look at it as a costume and candy night instead.

Father Daughter night.
After the evening Mass, my daughter, "Em" and I had our night out. We first went to the food court of a mall but it was already closed at 7 pm. So, we went to a Japanese restaurant nearby. I asked her to pick what she wanted. Em was clearly enjoying the undivided attention. We ended up sharing the curried chicken, seafood noodle soup and stir fried string beans. I talked to her about the times when her brother teased her because that bothered her a lot. "If someone says you have green hair, will that make it true?" I asked. She said no. "So, if it is not true, then why will you feel bad?" I continued. "It's just ridiculous if anything."  She agreed. Then we went to a grocery where we got her favorite candy - Skittles. As we walked hand in hand all night long, I kept thinking that someday I'll walk her down the aisle to entrust her to another man. Till then, I make these little moments and then tuck them in my treasure chest of blessings. Thank you Lord.

Catholic Politician - an oxymoron.
If we simply examine the voting records of Catholic politicians in the US, we'll see that the positions that they have taken are contrary to the position of the Church. The Protestants show themselves to be the true followers of Jesus in this matter.  I wonder if they do that intentionally to show that they do not let their Catholic faith get in the way of serving all their constituents. They know that abortion is murder but support it anyway for the sake of the one's who don't think it is murder. They push the responsibility to the mother. I think it is a cop out and a sell out.   It may keep them in power; then again, with more and more Americans choosing more spiritual values, I doubt it. Were it not for the rich and powerful abortion lobby, that platform will not have a leg to stand on. Going back to the politicians, the Church teaches that they should promote justice and other moral principles in the world and that includes protecting the rights of the unborn. But they ignore that and turn to dissident theologians to prop their positions. Those theologians will not be able to save them at  the judgment day so they practically sold their souls to the devil and keep numbing their consciences with the sophisms of false teachers. Perhaps the Lord will forgive them "for not knowing what they do." Then again, they're smart and the warnings have not been wanting.

Stewardship Sunday.
The pastor spoke about giving more to the church. I stopped giving to the church of Abp. Wuerl's archdiocese ever since he said that he will not enforce canon 915 to discipline politicians. I give to other Catholic organizations like "Food for the Poor" instead. I don't think the bishop will grow hungry and if there is any danger of that, then I will pledge to provide canned goods and grain for him and my parish priest.  But I think the dioceses here have millions.  Not too long ago, I heard about 2 priests stealing $2 million from their parish in CT. Also, I found out that the USCCB was funding groups that supported abortion, prostition and other immoralities. So, that's it for the US churches. Stewardship is a good thing. But stewardship does not mean giving to these rich churches.  Before St. Peter said, "Gold and silver I have none but, in the name of Jesus Christ arise and walk."  The bishops here cannot say those anymore.  They can't say gold they have none nor can they say arise and walk.  That is why the faith communities here are crippled and dying.

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