Aug 16, 2013

WH photoshop blunder at situation room during Bin Laden raid.

"Was Obama really in the situation room during the attack to get Osama Bin Laden? We took a pretty close look at this photo under photo-shop and we believe it was photo-shopped adding an image of Obama into the photo. The main issue that piqued our curiosity is the size of Obama's head as compared to the others, it is smaller and there is no light glow or reflection on him. Under photo-shop, we see ghost images around Obama's head indicating others were around him and photo-shopped out. The photo of Obama may have been taken from a basketball photo but we have not been able to find a match after looking at hundreds of photos. Now we have the infamous Reggie Love coming forth claiming he was with Obama on the night of the raid playing a card game called Spades. (LF)"

Egypt's churches looted and torched (video)

Obama's civilian national security force.


Muslim Brotherhood tries to burn nuns alive. Egyptian Army rescues.

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