Feb 18, 2012

What a way to say, "I love you back."

When I was growing up, my mom took me along whenever she drove around. During those rides, she told me about her life going all the way back as a young girl: what she did like popped her brother's zits and how she felt e.g. admiration towards her dad a lawyer who cleaned the sewer system around the house.

She's been long gone - for about 30 years. I missed saying goodbye to her when she died as I was across the world serving the Church. Yet, she lingers in my mind and heart all this time because, my kids look like her.

This morning, as I was feeding my 1 year old girl, I felt like feeding my mom when she was a baby. It's surreal but wonderful - like my mom coming back in a time machine and having me take care of her with the same commitment and sacrifice that she gave me. I now have a way to say, "I love you back."

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