May 8, 2009

DC Archbishop disregards Vatican Official on Church Law

In his words, Arch. Wuerl states "Why I Won't Deny Pelosi Communion"

Acc. to Arch. Wuerl, "there's a question about whether this canon'' – the relevant church law – "was ever intended to be used'' to bring politicians to heel. He thinks not. "I stand with the great majority of American bishops and bishops around the world in saying this canon was never intended to be used this way.''

In Arch. Burke says, ""The Church's law is very clear, the person who persists publicly in grave sin is to be denied Holy Communion, and it [Canon Law] doesn't say that the bishop shall decide this. It's an absolute."

IMHO, Arch. Burke, head of the Church's highest court, the Apostolic Signatura, trumps Arch. Wuerl in matters of canon law. And I read his arguments; they made more sense than saying "I stand with the majority." Afterall, when was it ever about numbers when it comes to truth and morals?

In the link below, you can read from a canon lawyer how that Church law was misinterpreted by Arch. Bishop Wuerl.

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