Jun 26, 2010

The liturgy of life. God's presence is not an absent presence.

A photo makes someone present.  The person may be dead or in another state, but becomes present in a  way.  That presence is not physical, so it is an absent presence.  The person is present, but not really.

God's presence is not like that.  When we become aware of His presence, then He is really there.  We did not cause Him to be there;  we simply became conscious that He is there.  So, God's presence is not an absent presence.

This reality has been utilized by St. John Bosco to prevent his youth from sinning  All over his schools are signs proclaiming "God sees you."  The boys realize that even if they evade the watchful eyes of their teachers, they can never hide from God's gaze.

Living in the presence of God is an aspect of Salesian spirituality.  It is a way to engage in continued prayer thus living the liturgy of life.

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