Jul 1, 2014

Obama gauging backlash from 'illegal amnesty' move

Obama is checking what the backlash will be if he unilaterally grants amnesty to practically 11 million illegals notwithstanding the popular opposition & the jobless conditions in the USA.  He's feeling around, sounding off and getting set for yet another doubling down in his gamble to transform the USA into a welfare state to usher more Socialism & government control. 

He is courting the Churches & American sympathies by using children as props - just like in Sandy Hook.  And he knows that his window of opportunity exists only in the next 5 months.  With his recent defeats in the courts, will he in his reckless fashion double down on a gamble that could cause a violent social upheaval?

What is going into this man's head?  If he grants amnesty, then chances are the Senate goes GOP & all his work gets repealled plus the WH goes GOP in 2016.  If he does not grant amnesty, then his stunt and gimmick, his melodrama and last chance to pave the way for Socialism is all but gone.

Or has he learned that all his lawless activities will slowly but surely be undone by case law and repeal? Regardless of the path he takes, his cause is lost.

VIDEO: Here’s the 11 Million Illegal Immigrant Amnesty That Obama Might Enforce Through Executive Order

h/t http://soopermexican.com/2014/07/01/video-heres-the-illegal-immigrant-amnesty-that-obama-might-enforce-through-executive-order/

Democratic Representative Gutierrez appeared on Chris Hayes’ show to advocate for what he believed should be imposed on America through executive order by Obama. Halfway through, he says something unintelligible about Americans “consummating marriages” with illegal aliens, but apart from that weird moment, he outlines three groups he wants to receive deportation deferrals:
  1. Parents of the so-called “Dream Act” recipients, which up until last month included 550,000 illegal aliens. If their parents received the same deferral, that would be 1.1 million illegal aliens.
  2. Parents of any child who is now an illegal alien – Gutierrez puts that number at 5 million, meaning another 10 million
  3. Finally, just in case we missed anyone, he said Obama should just ignore that the House won’t pass the Senate version immigration bill, and act like it’s law anyway. Because who needs a constitutional Republic with separation of powers?
Now I find these numbers curious because we’ve always been told there’s about 11 million illegal immigrants in America. If Gutierrez got his way, at least that number would receive “Dream Act” deportation deferrals. And how long do you think it would take illegal immigration advocates to start screaming that it’s racist and unfair if these “deferred” Dreamers and their parents aren’t given full and immediate legal rights?

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