Dec 4, 2010

How silent monks render Hallelujah

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Creative high schools students give a great rendition of Halleluia!

Thank those who let us worship safely and freely the true God

These guys risk life and limb to let us worship the real God freely and to be safe from the oppression of Muslims.  Let us thank them always -  specially during this Christmas season.

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Intuitive immorality of murder. Listen to your heart before killing another.

One would think that it will be intuitive to any sane person that killing an innocent human being is evil.  From the depths of the human heart comes the conviction that it is wrong to murder good people - no matter what race or creed.  It is only through some perverse idea that the slaughter of others become acceptable e.g.  Hitler demonized the Jews, Mohammed the non-Muslims, Mao and Stalin the Capitalists;  their poisonous ideas, agitprop, made their followers override that intuition i.e. killing good people is wrong.

Right now, it is up to the person to examine his heart to find the truth.

Because there is also another intuitive truth that is common to many in not all belief systems i.e. the punishment in Hell.  Murdering innocent people - specially men of God will not be rewarded but will be severely punished;  that is what comes naturally from the soul - that fountain of truth from God.  The Koran may promise 70 virgins but does that make sense - for murdering a good man?  It doesn't because it is a lie.

I dedicate this post to the followers of Islam to save their souls from eternal punishment.  Pray to the real God to enlighten you so that you will not be duped into killing innocent people, godly people even and consequently suffer the eternal torment.

Find the truth in the heart, mind and soul that the Creator has endowed upon you not in a book written by a man pretending to be from God.

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Remember the four Last Things: Death, than which nothing is more certain; Judgement, than which nothing is more strict; Hell, than which nothing is more horrible; and Heaven, than which nothing is more beautiful!"

John Hardon S.J.

Muslims assault UK minister - for wearing a cross?

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