Aug 16, 2009

You will feel God's love if you ask.

We all need to be loved and feel loved. But love cannot be bought or demanded. It has to be given freely and consciously to be real. It is tragic when people cannot find others to love them.

But there are always two around. The first is God, whom the Lord Jesus taught to be "The" Father. A friend of mine asks God for some love saying, "Hey Dad, can you give me a hug?" I'm sure it works because I do the same. The second is yourself. How can others love us if we do not even care for ourselves?

When our need to be loved has been filled - as least for today, then we can truly love. Our love will not be a trick to get others to love us back, but will be free and real, not manipulative and business like - waiting for pay back. It will be just like the love that our heavenly Father has given. One cannot give what one does not have. Nemo dat quod non habet.

May you feel God's love today I pray. (But you have to ask.)

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