Aug 31, 2013

US evidence of gas victims proven fake

There’s evidence and then there’s evidence.

When John Kerry stood in as surrogate president yesterday making the case for war in Syria (Apparently Obama was leading from behind again. Either that or he wanted someone with the ‘Voice of God’ making the pitch for him. Sorry Mr. Kerry, only Charleton Heston had the Voice of God and you’re no Charleton Heston.). Kerry talked about and emphasized the ‘thousands of pieces of evidence’ we should look at for ourselves, things Kerry said he had witnessed with his own eyes. And this photo was one of them.

Then he repeated his challenge to look for ourselves. And I did. And I knew I had seen this ‘evidence’ picture, a long time ago. And I knew he was lying, again! And I knew what Kerry seems not to have learned yet. That in this age of the internet and information you can’t lie for long. You will be caught.

This picture was taken by Marco Di Lauro. Rather than try to explain it I’ll use his own words. The ones he used on his web site to describe it.

“Al Musayyib, Iraq – May 27, 2003
An Iraqi child jumps over a line of hundreds of bodies, in a school where they have been transported from a mass grave, to be identified. They were discovered in the desert in the outskirts of Al Musayyib, 40 km south of Baghdad. It has been estimated that between 10,000 and 15,000 Iraqis had been reported missing in the region south of Baghdad. People have been searching for days for identity cards or other clues among the skeletons to try to find the remains of brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters and even children who disappeared when Saddam's government crushed a Shi'ite uprising following the 1991 Gulf War.”

So there you have it. The world’s remaining superpower that taps every phone call, captures every email, text message, Facebook post and tweet. A government that logs every search you perform online. Really every keystroke you type on anything connected to the internet, anywhere in the world. And this is the best intelligence we have as an excuse to go into Syria to force regime change. I’m angry as hell, but only half as much as I am embarrassed.

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