Nov 17, 2012

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Obama now wants to grab everyone's 401K and IRA retirement plans, because they are unfair to poor people.

".... Now he wants to grab everyone’s 401K and IRA retirement plans, because “they are unfair to poor people”, and share the wealth. The questions that have been coming up lately about the expected Civil War that will soon break out have only been concerned up to now with what specific incident will provoke it. We have long believed it would be the attempt to confiscate privately owned firearms but now it could be the day that Obama succeeds in nationalizing our pension plans and have our 401K’s and IRA’s wiped out. Of course, those retirement plans for his union buddies will probably get exemption waivers just like they got for his Obamacare."

Superfoods: Lemon, Avocado, Coconut, Ginger

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