May 2, 2010

Under financial overhaul, FTC could gain enforcement power over Internet

As the alternate media has become a formidable challenge to the propaganda media the opposition seeks ways to control it without must notice.  So, they bury a provision for internet regulation with a popular financial reform bill.  As reported in the Washington Post, "Under financial overhaul, FTC could gain enforcement power over Internet"

"Even considering that pattern, this is something out of the ordinary. Neither the FTC nor the Internet had anything to do with the Wall Street meltdown in 2008.  If this financial-regulation bill is so desperately needed, why did House Democrats lard it up with this power grab at the FTC?  Why does the FTC need any further authority over the Internet, where fraud and abuse regulations apply already?   The Internet economy has been one of the bright spots throughout a dismal period of recent history.  Do we need to attack the one area that shows growth and promise?

Nancy Pelosi knows that her Democratic majorities won’t last much longer.  She wants to leave behind a Byzantine structure of unaccountable bureaucrats and embedded power to accomplish what she can’t get through the legitimate processes of lawmaking, and she’s hiding those efforts in so-called emergency legislation.  Keep an eye on this during the conference committee on the financial-regulation bill; it’s not in the Senate version, but will almost certainly reappear in the conference report."

Disgusting - Bishops Warn Democrats Not to Sneak in Same-sex Marriage Laws with Immigration Reform

When the Church opposed the original Arizona law against illegal immigrants, I doubt whether She wanted to side with anarchists, communists and Aztlan revolutionaries either.
Here's the Bishops'  position:

Pictures from the rallies say it all.

But aside from that, the Democrats, true to their form, can use this crisis to sneak in their nefarious legislation e.g. same sex marriages.  That is why the bishops urged them to not do that.

"Bishop Wester pointed to flaws in the framework that require revision, including a controversial provision that would permit same-sex couples to receive immigration benefits equal to married couples.  He also pointed out that enforcement measures in the framework should not violate basic rights, and that policies that address the root causes of migration should be addressed."

"While we support the general direction of the framework, including a legalization of the undocumented and improvements to our employment and family-based immigration systems, we strongly oppose extending marriage-like immigration benefits to same-sex relationships.  This proposal threatens to undermine the opportunity to bring together the Congress and the American people around a common solution to the important challenge of immigration reform."

Healthcare Pop Up Video

A comedic commentary on the travesty of lawmaking and the trash in the healthcare law that was forced by the Democrats led by Obama against the will of the people - just because they can.!

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