Before you abort, check it out yourself.  Don't believe the people at the clinic because they want you to abort.  That's how they make money and that's all they care about.  Get a sonogram and see that it is not just blood.  You can rent a fetal heart monitor and listen to your child's heartbeat in the privacy of your room.

This child is 8 weeks.

You can hear your child's heartbeat in as early as 7 weeks with a fetal heart monitor.

More info on what happens during the first weeks of pregnancy.

Bottom line:  Don't abort your child.  There is help.  Many will want to adopt and take care of her.  You will be doing them a favor as well as giving your child a chance to live.  Finally, you will avoid making the worst mistake of your life.  No one who ever had an abortion stayed the same afterwards.  Go to and hear their stories.

6 weeks.
a 6 week old fetus that was the result of the removal of an ectopic pregnancy; the tube was removed and this is what was in the tube. There are a series of pics from that same situation, and my understanding in reading the article that accompanied it, was that the doctor who did the surgery was amazed at the development and ability of the baby. I remember something about him saying the baby was very active, swimming laps in the sac even after the removal of the sac from the tube. 

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