Feb 11, 2010

The ending of legalized abortion in the USA

Would you spend $2.5 million to show a 30-second video clip where a mother talks about how tough it is to have a child?  The group Focus of the Family did just that during the Superbowl commercial break last Sunday to make people aware of what a pregnancy can turn into – in her case a football star.  Why is that message worth $2.5 million?  In my opinion, it is a cry of protest against the culture that allowed 50 million children to be killed legally since 1973 in the USA alone.  So, that would be 5 cents per life if only that could bring them back.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BIOTItUwvk

Two weeks ago, there were around half a million protest marchers around the country on the anniversary of that court rulling, Roe V Wade, that legalized abortion. .  http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2010/01/video-2010-right-to-life-march-300000.html

And this has been happening every year since 1973 and will continue until abortion is outlawed in this country because abortion is abhorred by nature.  It has caused death, barrenness, depression among others because, women are wired to nurture their young not kill them.  The only way to trick them into doing that is by lies but, that is harder nowadays with the sonogram and Doppler heart monitors that present images of developing persons and sounds of heart beats.  That debunks the lie that the child is only a lump of cells.

Then, there are changing attitudes; because, since1973 everyone who was born had a parent who is either pro-life or a pro-choice person who opted for the child.  So, this attitude has been caught by those children who are now the GenXers and GenYers who value life.  

Another place is verify this is in the Manhantan Declaration web site where close to 500,000 have committed themselves to acts of public disobedience if pro-abortion legislation and policies get pushed  in the so-called health care reform.   http://www.manhattandeclaration.org/

The tide has changed.  There are a few who are still for choice for the sake of others even if they themselves are pro-life.  The liberated women who burned their bras are now in nursing homes while others have sobered up to the real meaning of feminism.  There might be some who still prefer career over children but those are the exceptions.

So, the real advocate of abortion rights is an industry with a lot of money to buy political support from Obama and air time from the media.  That same industry that tries to penetrate the educational system to separate kids from their parents guidance and encourage fornication, pregnancies then abortion.

Knowing this, gives the battle for the unborn a new impetus because of the allies that will soon arrive.  Businesses and politicians all depend on popular appeal so when they realize that the market and support for choice is waning, they will rethink their investments and platforms.  CBS is an example of one who adjusted their sails to the winds of change.  The Democrats if they do not pick up on this will doom their political careers - specially if they keep supporting a healthcare reform with abortion funding.

It is darkest just before the dawn and the current times cannot get any darker.  But then we know that the dawn is coming and the culture of death will disappear in the light because life is from the Creator who lives and has power over all.

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