Apr 20, 2009

Links to statements of 46 bishops protesting honorary award to Obama in ND

Click on link to read the bishop's statements against Notre Dame’s awarding of an honorary degree in Law to Obama.
  1. Bishop John D’Arcy, Fort Wayne-South Bend
  2. Cardinal Francis George, Chicago
  3. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, Galveston-Houston
  4. Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Milwaukee (--> NYC)
  5. Archbishop John Nienstedt, St. Paul-Minneapolis
  6. Archbishop Eusebius Beltran, Oklahoma City
  7. Bishop Edward Slattery, Tulsa
  8. Archbishop John Myers, Newark
  9. Archbishop Alfred Hughs, New Orleans
  10. Bishop Joseph Martino, Scranton
  11. and Auxiliary Bishop John Dougherty, Scranton
  12. Bishop Thomas Doran, Rockford, Ill.
  13. Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Phoenix
  14. Bishop Gregory Aymond, Austin
  15. Bishop Robert Lynch, St. Petersburg
  16. Bishop R. Walker Nickless, Sioux City
  17. Bishop Kevin Rhoades, Harrisburg, Pa.
  18. Bishop William E. Lori, Bridgeport, CT
  19. Bishop Robert Morlino, Madison WI
  20. Bishop George Murry, S.J., Youngstown, OH
  21. Bishop William Higi, Lafayette, IN
  22. Bishop Anthony Taylor of Little Rock, AR
  23. Archbishop Jose Gomez, San Antonio, TX
  24. and Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantu
  25. Bishiop Jerome Listecki, La Crosse, WI
  26. Archbishop Edwin O'Brien, Baltimore MD
  27. Bishop Alex Sample, Marquette MI
  28. Archbishop Daniel Buechlein, Indianapolis
  29. Bishop Robert Baker, Birmingham AL
  30. Bishop Samuel Aquila, Fargo ND
  31. Bishop Gerald Barbarito, Palm Beach FL
  32. Bishop Fabian Brukeswitz, Lincoln NE
  33. Bishop Richard Stika, Knoxville TN
  34. Bishop Robert Finn, Kansas City
  35. Bishop Joseph Latino, Jackson MS
  36. Bishop Leonard Blair, Toledo OH
  37. Bishop Gerald Gettelfinger, Evansville IN
  38. Bishop George Lucas, Springfield IL
  39. Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, Cincinnati OH
  40. Bishop Thomas Wenski, Orlando FL
  41. Bishop Robert Vasa, Baker OR
  42. Bishop Paul Coakley, Salina KS
  43. Bishop John Le Voir, New Ulm MN
  44. Bishop Victor Galeone, St. Augustine FL
  45. Bishop David Zubik, Pittsburgh PA
  46. Bishop Paul Loverde, Arlington VA
H/T to American Papist

Remembering my family tonight.

Tonight, I remember my grandpas,  granduncle and other family killed during WWII.  My granduncle was with the resistance and died fighting in the mountains.  One grandpa was with the merchant marines helping the war effort by transporting materials.  The other was a civilian but got hit by sharpnel.  Then I have brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces who were rounded up and forced into hard labor in concentration camps.  When they were too sick or too weak to haul gravel, they were herded into gas chambers and died by asphyxiation.  I was told to forgive and forget.  I leave the forgiveness part to the Lord.  But I can not forget their senseless deaths. Those who forget the lessons of history are bound to repeat it's mistakes.  Join me in remembering them so that,  man's inhumanity to man may never be repeated and simply remain as a ghastly remainder of the evils that we are capable of.  Here's a link about my family:

Here's another picture of my other family members who continue to be murdered in the states under the administration of Obama and the political leadership of the Democrats.

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