Oct 6, 2009

Vid: The Proof ( for the Agnostics & Atheists out there )

From http://www.tangle.com/view_video?viewkey=43e2bf3718e3ba0e2208

For those who do not believe, no proof is sufficient; for those who do, no proof is necessary.
Either way, the proof will either strengthen your conviction or give your one.

Vid: Muslims backlash in Iraq - a pattern?

source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWIQnQs8cVg&feature=player_embedded

Here in the US, I have Muslim friends from Pakistan, Iran, Palestine and Egypt just as I have Jewish friends from Israel and the entire East Coast. I find them all to be decent human beings and some to be devoutly spiritual.

Even if Obama says that we are not a Christian nation, the census still shows that Christians here are the majority. And that makes me proud to be a follower of Jesus because compared to some Muslim countries, everyone here gets along and are treated equally under the law.  I don't know what happened before but I heard about the atrocities of Crusaders.  What I do know  is that nothing like that goes on as public policy nowadays.  When the clandestine genocide in Kosovo became public, the world moved against it.  It has also been rumored that the Pope himself sent arms to help the Muslims during the conflict.

Now with the changing European demographics, people are getting nervous with Muslims immanent domination.  But if the Middle East can be taken as an indicator, then this video will provide some insight of what might become.  Just as there are intolerant fundamentalists who see every non-Muslim as fair game, there are those who respect religious freedom. While others feel oppressed by Christian or Jewish aggression and retaliate in kind, others seek a peaceful resolution.  Still there are those who are sincere in their prayers and  fasting that they draw close to the One God.  And since God is One, then they also draw near to the Jewish people and the Christians who also submit to the will of that same God.  And having the same Heavenly Father, it becomes possible to remember and live as who we truly are - siblings.

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