May 13, 2009

A new approach to pro-life

In the article above, Fr. Langan tells the bishops to back off because they’re just being played and that they’re not considering the big picture with all the good that’s happening. And he proposes that we go along and tolerate abortion because it is impractical to criminalize the supply. But the demand can be reduced. It may not be the perfect solution, but it is good. And the best is the enemy of the good. So, why not shift the paradigm along those lines?

If we don't live as we believe, we'll believe the way we live. If we tolerate abortion, we accept that abortion is tolerable. And that starts to desensitize us. It poisons our minds and hearts that we've come to a point to allow a baby to be killed.

They cite the parable of the weeds and the wheat and argue that God lets the weeds thrive and so should we. There is a difference between God's patience with sinners and our resignation to whatever evil happens around us. Aren't we our brother's keeper? If we let women just go and murder their child by making things safe and legal, then what kind of keepers are we? Didn't the Lord identify with the least and said, "Whatever you do to them, you do to me?" So, should we just let the Lord get siphoned into bit and pieces or burned with chemicals?

So, there's the poison in the Kool-Aid.

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