Oct 4, 2012

Special Ops Go After Obama

Foreign Policy Failures Kill Obama's Chances for Reelection

Foreign Policy Failures Kill Obama's Chances for Reelection. It should.

For the First Time, Obama Crushed by the Truth.

Obama gets clobbered with the truth. He stood there helpless without his lying teleprompter and bully pulpit; his legion of boot lickers in the madia lay stunned as they watched from the sidelines unable to lie and spin for their champ. It's over. The fat lady sang the blues last night.

The presidential candidates and the poor

Some people just use the poor for their purposes; others truly see them as brothers in Christ.

About those burgers that don't go bad, here's why

I wonder if this is true.  Best if we check.

Presidential Debate 2012 (Complete) Romney vs.Obama - 10/3/2012

The debate worked out so well because Obama cannot lie as he faces an immediate, clear and convincing repudiation when he tries. Romney contrasted the positions in Obama's face with the world watching and the Liberal media helpless; they cannot spin it. It was out there in the open. The truth prevailed. Millions of prayers have been answered last night. I wonder why the GOP did not choose Romney in 2008.

And it was fun to watch the Liberal media meltdown. I wonder if they'll soil their pants after Ryan and Biden's debate.

Bottom line, Obama is toast. (Is that racist - toast.) Let's hope he accepts his fate gracefully and not do something stupid. Barring violence, the writing is on the wall. We will have President Romney this November - someone who knows what to do because he's done something similar before.


Obama looks like a tourist reading a map

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/10/04/obama-looks-like-tourist-reading-map/#ixzz28KKg6Oz6

Editor's note: Greg Gutfeld, "Red Eye" host and co-host of "The Five" followed Wednesday's debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on Twitter.  Here are some of his top tweets. Click here for Gutfeld's full Twitter feed.
*This is a businessman, talking business, to a grad student. Obama should be taking notes and asking for an extension.
*Media coddled Captain Precious, and are now sad he got stomped. Sometimes beta males need to fight.
*Romney is killing it. Killing it. Seriously, this is a terrible wedding anniversary.
*Watching MSNBC discuss the debate is like watching the Titanic discuss the iceberg.
*Obama is rolling down a mountain like Homer Simpson hitting every rock along the way.
*I guess prepping with Joy Behar was a mistake.
*Obama is now like a Best Buy employee trying to sell you something he cannot fully explain.
*This should be called "Nightmares of My Father."
*Loopholes is redundant. technically a loop is a hole. Tired of this propaganda
*Trying to read the stuff on the wall. Pretty sure it's from Jonathan Livingston Seagull
*Romney's looking right at him. I told him to do that over coffee at TIm Horton's.
*Can we admit they're both gorgeous?

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/10/04/obama-looks-like-tourist-reading-map/#ixzz28KKXhwTe

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