Jan 5, 2010

Preserving Children's Innocence, Purity & Chastity

I’ll start moving my kids to Catholic schools this year starting with my 10 year old. Every little thing can help or hinder. When it comes to their spiritual and character formation, I have decided to give it my all. For what does it profit them if they become a golf champion or the speaker of the House if they lose their souls? Also, the peer group is quite an influence. And in this sex crazed culture, I need to instill in them the virtue of purity and chastity and the last thing that I need is some other kid telling my son that masturbation is natural because his dad thinks so.  In Catholic schools, there is some selection and control. Also, I do not want them to come home with a fisting kit – compliments of the safe school czar. The in-parish tuition is 6 grand;  that's steep but it is well worth the innocence of my kids. 

( Pictures are:  Blessed Laura Vicuna (13 yrs. old.) & St. Dominic Savio (15 yrs. old) )

Fisting Kit

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